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Celebrating Seattle's Discovery Park Fifty Year Anniversary

Discovery Park 50th Anniversary

Celebrating Discovery Park’s 50th Anniversary with history, education and stewardship activities, a public ceremony on October 1, 2022, and lasting legacy projects.

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Project Description

Discovery Park’s 50th Anniversary will include activities throughout 2022 and beyond that focus on two things vital to the park’s future: celebration activities and lasting legacy projects in education, history and stewardship.

Funding for celebration activities will provide shuttles in the park, as well as walks, talks and stewardship events leading up to the official ceremony and activities on October 1, 2022. Your donation will pay for or help match grants for these activities.

Funding for legacy projects will support a full-length documentary on this unique park and its compelling history, including Indigenous peoples’ history, as well as a Future 50 endowment and programming to serve children. The Discovery Ranger educational pilot project is based on the federal Junior Ranger program and includes field trips and an online component.

Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Teaser Trailer