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Seattle Sensory Garden

Creating a garden for people of all abilities

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Project Description

The Seattle Sensory Garden (next to the Woodland Park Zoo) is designed for people of all ages and abilities to experience nature through their senses in therapeutic and life enhancing ways, offering the opportunity to learn how people with different abilities experience the world. Donations will help create and install signage and support Phase 2 of the project: completion of the Meadow Garden sensory features (tactile log wall, rainmaker, log keyholes) and plantings, development of the Woodland Garden (sensory plantings, resting places, tactile elements and movement features) and maintenance of the garden.

The Friends of the Seattle Sensory Garden is always looking for new members to increase the diversity of our Friends. Right now, we’re meeting on zoom on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4pm. For more info, contact Karen Ko – lionkaren@comcast.net or (206) 999 8370.

  • An inclusive garden designed for all ages and abilities to experience nature through their senses [artist's rendering-Jim Collins]

  • Entrance terrace and trellis [Fischer-Bouma Partnership]

  • Artist's rendering of the movement mound, chimes in Cathedral of Melodies, mature plantings to stimulate all of the senses [Jim Collins]

  • Garden panorama [Fischer-Bouma Partnership]

  • Restorative place for respite and reflection [Land Morphology]

  • Site plan for the Seattle Sensory Gardne [Fisher-Bouma Partnership & Land Morphology]

The original concept video for the Seattle Sensory Garden. An early demonstration garden gave visitors a sense of what was to come.

Project News

Pacific NW Magazine: The Seattle Sensory Garden makes nature accessible for everyone to experience

July 30, 2022: "Tucked into the northeast corner of the Woodland Park Rose Garden, the Seattle Sensory Garden is a place where people of all ages and abilities can experience nature in every sense..."

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