About Us

We partner with community to champion thriving and equitable parks and public spaces.

Seattle Parks Foundation is uniquely positioned to support neighborhood-based efforts by bridging community to government agencies and providing fiscal services to grassroots groups. We lead the region in parks and public space partnerships and projects, and have a proven track record of success. Our priorities are:

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Seattle Parks Foundation works to resource our community with the tools needed to successfully move parks and public space projects forward. We advocate for our region’s shared spaces, while educating the public through storytelling and advocacy efforts. We build alliances to catalyze networks and multiply impact. 

Credit: Elizar Mercado

What We Believe

We believe that community is strongest together. Parks can serve all people equitably, and we recognize our position as an organization of privilege, with a social responsibility to focus our efforts and energy on tipping the scale in support of communities that continue to face discrimination. To do our work in the community, we must also do our own internal work.

Who We Work With

Our vision is that people feel welcomed and invested in our parks and public spaces, leading to healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities. In order to achieve this, we rely on the power of partnerships. Our work bridges neighborhood groups with public agencies to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. 

Photo of community members composting at Danny Woo Community Garden, with Restaurant 2 Garden. Photo provided by Restaurant 2 Garden.
Credit: Restaurant 2 Garden

Our Community Partners

Seattle Parks Foundation fiscally sponsors groups rooted in community, that are primarily volunteer led. Their work is extraordinarily varied in scope and truly people powered. While many of the projects benefit parks and public spaces, others unite like-minded community members to improve enjoyment and equitable access and accessibility for all throughout the region.

Major Initiatives

We support capital campaigns, large-scale community park planning, civic-scale parks, and public space advocacy initiatives.

Who We Work With

Seattle Parks Foundation (SPF) and Seattle Parks & Recreation (SPR) work in partnership to serve the health of our community and public spaces. Our shared values of equity, health, community engagement, and sustainability allow us to create a unique public/private partnership in service to the city.

Our Roles

Seattle Parks Foundation (SPF) is an independent 501c3 nonprofit, that works with community members to support projects that and programs in local parks and public spaces. SPF offers fiscal sponsorship to grassroots groups, allowing them to receive tax deductible donations, granting access to online platforms and resources, fundraising and marketing support, and assigning a project liaison who stewards the partner and acts as a resource to best serve the success of the project(s).

SPF builds community and regional alliances to catalyze networks and multiply impact. We are “home” to many groups whose mission is to bring like-minded people together in a shared space to live, learn, work and play. We share best practices and a space for recruitment and fundraising through our online platforms.

SPF is an independent advocate for Seattle’s parks and public spaces, which depend on the power of the collective to ensure they are made accessible to all, as spaces for connection, activation, and resilience. We educate the public through storytelling and specific advocacy efforts. In 2014 SPF ran the successful ballot initiative to establish the Metropolitan Park District and in 2022, mobilized our community to advocate for its renewal.

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) works with all residents to be good stewards of the environment and to provide safe, welcoming opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community. SPR manages a 6,400+ acre park system of over 485 parks and extensive natural areas. SPR provides athletic fields, tennis courts, play areas, specialty gardens, and more than 25 miles of boulevards and 120 miles of trails. The system comprises about 12% of the city’s land area. SPR also manages many facilities, including 26 community centers, eight indoor swimming pools, two outdoor (summer) swimming pools, three environmental education centers, two small craft centers, four golf courses, an outdoor stadium, and much more.

SPR’s funding is a combination of tax dollars from the City’s General Fund, Seattle Park District funds, Real Estate Excise Tax and revenue from a variety of other sources including grants, user fees and rental charges. Funding for new parks facilities historically came from voter-approved levies. In 2014, Seattle voters approved the formation of a new taxing district known as the Seattle Park District. Property taxes collected by the Seattle Park District provide funding for City parks and recreation including maintaining parklands and facilities, operating community centers and recreation programs, and developing new neighborhood parks on previously acquired sites.

Send a check

To make a donation by mail, please send a check payable to Seattle Parks Foundation to:

PO Box 3541
Seattle, WA 98124-3541

If your gift is intended for one of our community partners, please add their name in the memo line or with an accompanying note.

A tax receipt will be mailed to you upon receipt of your contribution.

Thank you!

Donate Your Car

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway?

Donate it to Seattle Parks Foundation!

We accept most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, heavy equipment, and other motorized vehicles. All or part of your donation may be tax deductible.

To get started, simply complete the online donation form or call 855.500.7433 or 855.500.RIDE to speak to a representative. You can also read more at careasy.org.

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway?