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Wakulima USA

Wakulima USA is a farming and food business cooperative that advances small business development and food sovereignty for low income immigrants and people of color in the Puget Sound region

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Project Description

Wakulima means “Farmers” in Kiswahili the most widely spoken language in Africa. Wakulima’s founding members are Kiswahili speaking African immigrants who are committed to preserving traditional farming and food ways and creating shared prosperity through cooperative economics. Our organization empowers people to harness their traditional food ways, modern farming techniques and food innovation strategies to build successful businesses centered around healthy, sustainable, local farming and food production.

Wakulima aims to increase the total number, net income, success rate and growth rate of farmers and food business entrepreneurs from the communities we serve. We also aim to decrease health disparities resulting from food inequities and to increase the perceived value of traditional food ways in thesecommunities.

Wakulima produces and sells healthy produce and foods to consumers, restaurants and food businesses throughout Washington State. The cooperative currently includes 20 farmers from various countries in Africa who cultivate in Western Washington. Wakulima’s vision is to expand operations to a total of 20 acres, preferably on a large farm where our facilities will also be located.These facilities will include a Food Production Center,Farming and Food Business Development Center and Community Kitchen and Cultural Center.

Project News

KIRO 7: Community farming heals bodies and minds

June 17, 2022: KENT, Wash. — Inside a South King County greenhouse grows a cure: raw, organic vegetables sown and reaped by the hands of low-income and immigrant families.

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