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A family smiles while holding a sign for Leafline Trails Coalition

Leafline Trails Coalition

An interconnected, intuitive, well-traveled, and treasured trails network spanning the Central Puget Sound region

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Project Description

Connecting the trails network across the Central Puget Sound region to improve health, community, quality of life, mobility, and access for all.

We are working together to maximize our collective impact, develop a shared map vision for trails, enhance user experience, grow awareness of the Coalition, and work together to fill gaps in the trails network. To further our mission, Leafline Trails Coalition brings together businesses, community organizations, and government agencies throughout King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

Project Resources

  • Imagine riding your bike from downtown Tacoma to Mount Rainier, from Seattle to the North Cascades, or all the way across the Kitsap Peninsula.

  • The Leafline Trails Coalition is focused on knitting together central Puget Sound by trail in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

  • GirlTrek, one of Leafline's 40 member organizations, is working to pioneer a health movement for African-American women and girls.

  • Our goal is to create an equitable, world-class, interconnected trails network to knit together all the communities in the region.

  • Currently, Central Puget Sound has about 450 miles of wide, shared use trails. But there are big gaps in the network that we can close together.

  • The Coalition allows us to build more trails, together. We value collaboration, equity, transparency, innovation, and results.

Project News

When we invest in the network, trails will help solve our biggest problems

As our nation grapples with major challenges, policymakers should remember that trails provide cross-cutting solutions.

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In 2020, we shone a light on the importance of trails

This year required a lot of us all. But, despite the distance, together we shone a bright light on the importance of trails. We formally launched in fall 2020, backed by leaders from the four counties

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