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Lake City Living Memorial Triangle

We come together as caring neighbors in the face of senseless gun violence. In place of sadness, we create beauty. In place of death, we bring life.

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Project Description

Neighbors are creating a living memorial and landscaping project after the violent, fatal events of March 27, 2019 at and around #75 bus stop at Sand Point Way and Bartlett Avenue Northeast in Seattle.

We honor the memories of 2 people who were killed and 2 others who were injured. We heal the wounds of traumatized citizens and remind visitors about the perils of gun violence. We are beautifying this space.

We have support from the survivors of the shooting event, surviving members of the relevant families, Lake City Neighborhood Alliance, neighbors from the immediate area and the larger region.

In this phase, we will plant 3 evergreens, 4 flowering trees, and low shrubs. Signage will educate people about the memorial. Our team has already cleared the area of overgrowth and trash. We have planted 1 oak, provided by the City Arborist with sponsorship from the City of Seattle. More phases will come.

Join us in our efforts! Every donation and every work party helps.

Project Resources

  • Aerial map of the Lake City Living Memorial Triangle

  • The Seattle Times explains what happened in March 2019.

  • Ribbons around the oak tree help to remember those we have lost.

  • July 2019: Survivors, family members and neighbors planting the first tree.

Project News

See what we did March 8!

Forty neighbors came together, worked as a team, and brought beauty to a place of sadness

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