Public spaces depend on the power of the collective to ensure they are made accessible to all, as spaces for connection, activation and resilience. Seattle Parks Foundation acts as a convening voice for the greater good of the community’s parks and public spaces.

Advocacy in Action

Seattle Parks Foundation’s very existence is thanks to community members coming together in support of public space for all to enjoy. While their initial efforts to see a “Seattle Commons” in South Lake Union fell flat at the ballots in the mid ‘90s, their advocacy as a collective led to the creation of what is now Lake Union Park.

Over the decades, our advocacy for parks and public spaces has taken many forms. Daily, our staff and community members work to build relationships across public agencies and with elected officials, in support of projects that benefit the region.

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There are also key moments in which we have educated and engaged the broader Seattle region to Speak Up for Parks + Public Spaces. Some examples are:


Metropolitan Park District funding: 

SPF facilitated public polling and mobilized our community to advocate for the renewal of the Metropolitan Park District, a $780M investment in our parks.


Hosted our second Mayoral candidate forum focused on Environmental and Climate Justice in partnership with Duwamish River Community Coalition and Town Hall Seattle.


Successfully advocated through Duwamish Valley Safe Streets for $5.2M dedicated to the Georgetown to South Park Trail.


City Hall Park:

Op-ed and public advocacy to engage community in decision to transfer park ownership to King County. The Mayor’s Office and King County came to an agreement to keep the park with the City of Seattle.


Successfully advocated with a coalition of community members to increase funding for the Clean Cities Initiative during the pandemic.


Published the Georgetown Open Space Vision Framework, setting a plan in place for growth and greenways in Georgetown.


Hosted our first Mayoral forum in partnership with Artsfund, Crosscut, Grist, KING5, KEXP, and Seattle Music Commission.


Published the South Park Vision Plan, setting the course for a decade of public space projects in South Park.


Ran the (first!) successful ballot initiative to establish the Metropolitan Park District, a sustainable funding source to repair, maintain, and grow our city’s parks, community centers and regional attractions.


Parks and Green Spaces Levy Campaign: advocating for the approval of $145.5M for parks and recreation.


Successfully advocated for implementation of the Bands of Green plan, which has guided work on enhanced green streets and trail connections throughout the city.

This work doesn’t happen without your support. 

Seattle Parks Foundation donors have contributed over $80M to support 275 community-based projects throughout King County.

Speak Up for Parks + Public Spaces

Photo from the Seattle Park District press conference in Pioneer Square on September 19, 2022. Photo shared with us by Joseph Peha, Council Communications with Seattle City Council. No credit available.

Fund our local community parks, public spaces, and natural areas in 2023!

Every year our congressional leaders can vote to fund projects in their district through a number of federal programs.  Local parks and public spaces are a critical public asset that often don’t get the attention and federal funding needed.  Your voice and advocacy for our local parks can make a difference! Send a letter to your congressperson to encourage their support of funding for local parks.

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