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Rainier Beach Playfield SkatePark

Rainier Beach Playfield Skatepark

To determine the feasibility of, and conceptual design for, a District Skatepark at Rainier Beach Playfield.

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Project Description

In 2007, the Seattle Citywide Skatepark Plan designated Rainier Beach Playfield as a potential site for a District Skatepark, with a recommended square footage of 10K to 30K. In 2021, a group of community supporters received a Department of Neighborhoods Community Partnership Fund grant for purposes of performing a feasibility study of the site, and providing specific direction in the design and construction of a free mixed-use public skatepark at Rainier Beach.

Since 2018, CHAMPS has been hosting events to discuss a new skateboard park in southeast Seattle that would attract youth and provide a safe gathering place. They are partnering with Parents for Skateparks and are excited to work with the community on the design.

This project includes a feasibility study, conceptual design, and cost estimate for a new skateboard park at Rainier Beach Playfield. It is funded by the Department of Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Match Fund. This is a community-led project and construction is not currently funded. The design will naturally integrate skateboarding into the surrounding landscape and feature a mix of street and transition-style terrain, with elements for all age groups and ability levels. It will draw local users to the skatepark, and challenge both beginners and experienced users.

The new skatepark at Rainier Beach Playfield will be a great addition to the Rainier Beach Community Center, and local sporting activities.

Project News

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April 13, 2022 in Real Change

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February 4, 2022 in South Seattle Emerald

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December 16, 2020 in South Seattle Emerald

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