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Martin Luther King Jr Mural at Garfield High School

Garfield Super Block

Improving the grounds at Garfield High School and Garfield Park by integrating art, history, and community design to reflect the cultural diversity and heritage of the Central Area.

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Project Description

The Garfield Super Block Campus comprises approximately eight city blocks of community space including parks, athletic venues, arts and significant historic buildings including Garfield High School and Garfield Park.  Located in the heart of the Central Area the campus is the neighborhood’s central gathering space or “Little City Hall”. In a community known for diversity, this site has a rich legacy of being a historic platform and providing welcoming hospitality in times of need.

As a first phase of work, we are producing an updated Master Plan that addresses the two following recommendations from the original Master Plan that were never implemented:

    • Grounds Improvements within the park to help strengthen the overall site use and activity.
    • A “Legacy and Promise Promenade” pathway integrating art and narratives reflecting the immense cultural diversity and rich history of the Central Area’s seven ethnic groups of founding people.


Project Resources

  • GSB Scope - Aerial View

  • GSB Art Plan

  • GSB History

  • Garfield Super Block Site Plan

Learn about the huge redevelopment of the Garfield Super Block that's been underway since the early 2000's.