Magnuson Children’s Garden

Magnuson Children's Garden

Magnuson Children’s Garden

Magnuson Children’s Garden is a vibrant, interactive garden that is celebrating its 15th anniversary year! From the first design meeting in 2001 to this year’s community events, this garden has been an inclusive project, with all its whimsical and interactive features dreamed up by local children and carried out by child and adult volunteers. The garden is FREE to the public 365 days a year, and is a delightful place for families to enjoy self-guided scavenger hunts and other adventures.

Its features delight all the senses:

  • A sea of grasses that rustle softly in the wind
  • Shrubs and perennials that feed visiting hummingbirds and songbirds
  • An information kiosk with scavenger hunt games and other exploration ideas
  • Berries for humans (and birds) to nibble on
  • Child-size picnic tables and tree stump stools
  • The Log Pile, for building forts, nests, bug houses, or other playful structures
  • The Rolling Lawn, for spins and giggles
  • A spiral path up the hill to the Lookout, the highest point in the whole community garden
  • The Salmon Survival Path mosaic stream, created by local schoolchildren
  • The Starfish Garden, with a different-colored flower patch blooming in each arm
  • A brand new butterfly-shaped Butterfly Garden
  • The Grey Whale Garden, complete with mosaic tail and eyes, and a tall grass spout!

Magnuson Children’s Garden is part of the 4-acre Magnuson Community Garden and is managed by the Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee, which hosts many stewardship events, Family Garden Days, and other special events throughout the year. It is also used as the outdoor headquarters for Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs’ camps and classes for kids. For additional information on Magnuson Children’s Garden, visit and or email us at