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Friends of Woodland Park Avenue

Working together as a neighborhood to make Woodland Park Avenue in Wallingford safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

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Project Description

Our neighborhood group, Friends of Woodland Park Avenue, was awarded $5,000 by the City of Seattle to hire a professional consultant to help us develop a plan for making our street safer (Woodland Park Ave between Bridge Way and 46th). The street is exceptionally wide because it was long ago used by the trolley cars that brought day trippers from north Lake Union to Woodland Park. Being so wide, it has attracted drivers who find it convenient to bypass traffic on SR 99 and Stone Way by cutting through the neighborhood at high speeds. The speed limit is 20 mph; speeds are routinely 30-50 mph.

We hope to identify a practical solution that would improve safety on Woodland Park Avenue sooner rather than later, then go back to the city with a new funding request to put the solution in place.

This project is taking place in the first half of 2020 and includes 3 community meetings to engage neighbors in the process.

  • Woodland Park Avenue looking south from 43rd. The roundabout at 41st is barely visible from here.