Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025

Our Values:

Our Priorities:

Our Mission:

We partner with community to champion thriving and equitable parks and public spaces.

Our Why:

Our vision is that people feel welcomed and invested in our parks and public spaces, leading to healthy, sustainable and
equitable communities.

Seattle’s history of redlining and other discriminatory practices has created a landscape of great inequity that is evident in the increasing challenges facing our region. Our commitment is to prioritize our offerings to communities that continue to be impacted as we work towards thriving and equitable parks and public spaces.

Climate change will impact our future livability in the Seattle region.
  • Heat and smoke events are increasing year over year, with more days of diminished air quality and extreme heat above 85 degrees than ever previously recorded.
  • Sea level rise is anticipated at ten inches by 2050 and 28 inches by 2100.
  • King tides and storm surges will continue to impact at least seven extremely vulnerable areas of the city, primarily communities of color.
  • Creating open green space that is floodable is a challenge, especially along the Duwamish River.
  • Climate solutions are needed! Seattle needs to reduce greenhouse gases by 58% by 2030 – they have only declined by 5% since 2008. Seattle has a goal of 30% tree canopy cover by 2037 – in communities of color, tree canopy is only at 20%, while the rest of the city is at 28%.
  • Residents of South Seattle have a 13-year lower life expectancy than residents of North Seattle.
  • Residents in these areas have higher rates of asthma, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and much lower rates of health insurance.
  • South Downtown, CID, South Park, Georgetown, Lake City and the Southern suburbs have either unsafe or long walks to public spaces with limited recreation opportunities, playgrounds, greenspace, natural areas, and water access.
Environmental health is inequitably linked to socioeconomic factors.
Our population is expanding much faster than our park system.
  • Greater Seattle residents with college degrees attend public meetings at nine times the rate of those without high school diplomas.
  • Residents with household incomes greater than $75,000 attend public meetings at three times the rate of residents earning less than $35,000.
  • Black and Asian Seattleites attend two times the number of public meetings as Latinos, while White Seattleites attend three times that number.
Disparities in Seattle's civic engagement correspond to inequities in education, income, race, and physical health.

Our Unique Opportunity:

We lead the region in green and public space grassroots partnerships, bridging community members to civic leaders and public agencies.

We Believe Community is Strongest Together:

We will actively identify and address implicit bias and structural racism within our organization and community.

We will use restorative practices that emphasize the importance of positive relationships as central to community building. 

We will acknowledge historical and present harm done, and ask others to do the same.

We will focus, when possible, on restoring and repairing relationships in community.

How We Do Our Work:

  • Fiscal sponsorship tools and resources
  • Fundraising and grant support
  • Select project leadership
  • Catalyzing activation in parks
  • Advocacy for community
  • Advocacy for the park system
  • Elevating community and parks stories
  • Training and skill building
  • Research and best practices
  • Grassroots network building

Our Strategic Priorities:

Equity in Public Spaces

Many of our partners are focused on the creation of safe and welcoming spaces that address the needs of the surrounding community. Click here to learn more.

Activated Parks and Healthy People

Parks that offer opportunities for all community members to connect, engage, and participate in activities are more likely to be used. Click here to learn more.

Neighborhood-Based Climate Solutions

Seattle Parks Foundation is uniquely positioned to connect grassroots neighborhood-based efforts to city-wide climate and environmental justice efforts. Click here to learn more.

Increased Civic Engagement and Community Building

Fundamental to the success of our work is community coming together, organizing, and working hard to ensure parks and public space efforts happen in their neighborhood. Click here to learn more.

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