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Fix the Burke-Gilman supporters stand near a trail sign.

Fix the Burke-Gilman

Advocating for the necessary maintenance on the neglected portions of the Burke-Gilman Trail, especially the portions managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation.

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Project Description

The Burke-Gilman is one of best ways for bicyclists in Seattle to access the many recreational, educational and businesses located along this great corridor using a bicycle or walking. It is a key regional connector south and west through Seattle and north to the King County portions of the trail and the Sammamish River Trail. Both pedestrians and bicyclist heavily use the trail. The quality of the trail has not kept pace with the quantity of use. It is narrow, rough, and has bad edges in numerous stretches. There have only been sporadic patches on the BG during the last 5 years.

Our goal is to have Seattle Parks and Recreation create a comprehensive and continuous maintenance plan for the Burke-Gilman and to have a significant effort undertaken in 2023 to begin to catch up.

  • Broken culvert with large sinkhole.

  • Large tree root eruption.

  • Many edge to edge cracks that can't be avoided.

  • More very rough tree root eruptions with sharp edges.

  • Edges are broken down and wet for large stretches.

  • One of the many very high tree roots.