Greening Concord International Elementary

Concord Elementary

Greening Concord International Elementary

The Concord International Elementary School PTA is working to improve and beautify the school grounds by creating a safer southwest entryway and adding rain gardens, trees, a butterfly garden, and safer access to crosswalks. The concept grew out of design meetings at the school and in the neighborhood during the development of the South Park Green Space Vision Plan.

The Greening Concord Elementary project will offer hands-on scientific learning opportunities for kids and help address the need for denser tree canopy in South Park. It also ties in with neighborhood efforts to maintain water quality. Community-driven green space improvements are especially critical in South Park, which has a long history of environmental devastation and high levels of pollution, leading to significant health consequences for residents.

Concord Elementary has challenges not faced by many other Seattle schools. Most of the students’ families are considered high-poverty—almost 80% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. The school has 87% children of color and 50% English Language Learners. A key element of the Greening Concord Elementary project is ensuring that students and their families feel safe, comfortable, supported, and engaged at school. The project will help by improving an important neighborhood open space and providing opportunities for students to enjoy outdoor activities.

Thanks to the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund (DROF) and a grant from the King Conservation District (KCD), the PTA is beginning a search for a builder to install a new community gathering space at the entry way and a pollinator pathway and other improvements to the playfield. Your contributions will be added to this fund, and will make up the beginning of funding for the third and final phase, the Southwest entry way. Concord’s community is so excited to see results of the last 18 months of working towards the designs.