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Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship

To inspire philanthropists and advance their ability to be effective and strategic funders for the environment.

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Project Description

With a growing population, shrinking natural resources and a rapidly changing climate, the need for strong environmental leaders is greater than ever. Launched in 2013, the Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship catalyzes highly committed philanthropists who have the leadership skills and resources to create measurable change for environmental causes. It inspires emerging philanthropists and advances their ability to be effective and strategic funders for the environment – to benefit people and nature.

As part of the program, Fellows:

– Form a deeper connection between their core values and their actions and decisions.
– Bring a deeper knowledge of the complexities, nuances, challenges, and points of view to the environmental issues with which they are engaged.
– Increase their systems knowledge and understanding and enhance their ability to leverage their time, money, and influence to make a significant impact.
– Advance environmental outcomes through critical philanthropic and leadership support for non-profits.

The Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship builds and nurtures a network of deeply passionate philanthropists who continue to engage, learn, and act together. Peers, mentors and experts help guide this journey, enhancing and strengthening Fellows’ philanthropic visions and plans. The engagement continues as each Fellow joins the larger community of Fellows for information sharing that sparks new ways to leverage resources for the environment, site visits and multi-day field trips, as well as collective efforts to address urgent environmental challenges as they arise.