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The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway will use public art to create a physical place for remembrance and reflection, use technology to share stories about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the diverse community responses to the crisis, and provide a call to action to end HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination.

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Project Description

In 2020, the plaza over Seattle’s Capitol Hill Station and the north edge of Cal Anderson Park will become home to The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway, a community driven and collaboratively funded project.

In 2018, we awarded a commission to Portland-based public artist Horatio Law to create The AMP’s art plan. In 2019, with your continued support, The AMP will commission selected artists to create and fabricate artworks based on the plan, which will be installed in 2020.

Meanwhile, we will continue the work The AMP began in 2017 to gather stories about those who lived and died with HIV/AIDS, those who fought and continue to fight the virus, and those living with HIV today, especially people of color who are impacted by HIV/AIDS disproporationately. The AMP will employ augmented reality technology to share video and audio oral histories and stories, along with information about the history of HIV/AIDS and its impact.