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Juntos Si Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Río Duwamish (Together, We Care for Our Duwamish River)

Empowering residents of the Duwamish Valley to take care of their health and care for their river

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Project Description

We are “Juntos, Si Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Río Duwamish” also known as “Together, we can care for our Duwamish River.” We are a youth-led community project of Duwamish Valley Sustainability Group that raises awareness of the contamination in the Duwamish River.

The last five miles of the Duwamish River towards Elliott Bay are one of the most polluted river sections in the United States. Mainly affecting the neighboring towns of South Park and Georgetown. The pollution is so dangerous that most Seafood is not safe for human consumption. In 2001, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared the Lower Duwamish Waterway a Superfund Site. Superfund is the name of a federal law that requires the nation’s most toxic sites to be identified and cleaned up. Despite the cleanup, the river could become recontaminated unless the sources of pollution are found and controlled. Based on our lived experience as residents of the Duwamish Valley, we know that public education campaigns and vital information about the cleanup often do not reach non-native English speakers or young people. We also know that our community wants more education about pollution control, safe fish consumption, and fishing regulations. To address this need, we are working closely with local organizations and individuals, including youth, to build awareness and skills to keep our community healthy, informed, and connected to important policy decisions.

The project’s three main objectives are:

  • Promote community participation in the EPA-organized Duwamish Roundtable, a forum for those affected by the cleanup effort to voice their concerns and recommendations
  • Empower and educate Duwamish Valley youth on controlling pollution entering the river
  • Train the non-English-speaking fishing community on safe fish consumption and fishing regulations

Project News

Youth-led Environmental Advocacy for the Duwamish River

Juntos Si Podemos creates bilingual video series to educate youth and the Spanish-speaking community on how to engage with the Duwamish River in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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