Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View

Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View

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    Cheasty Trails and Bike Park
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By developing a multi-modal trail system in a wooded parkland, with a keen focus on sustainable mountain bike trails and features, this park will provide a local recreation option for mountain bike enthusiasts, as well as invite urban children, youth, and families to engage this sport, many for the first time. Our vision, which includes pedestrian access and community connectivity, will generate successful long-term care and conservation of Seattle’s urban forest for generations to come.


  • Here’s a project to reclaim, restore, re-imagine, and reconnect Cheasty Greenspace, the largest wooded parkland in Southeast Seattle’s Rainier Valley.
  • Reclaiming it from illicit behavior and transforming it into a safe, welcoming park for the neighborhood
  • Restoring it to its natural, native habitat by removing invasive weeds and planting thousands of native trees and shrubs
  • Re-imagining how this particular green space can welcome more of its neighbors, especially children, to enjoy new types of recreation(like mountain biking) in their neighborhood woods.
  • Reconnecting the surrounding communities through the development of walking and biking trails and reconnecting people to their neighborhood woods, nature, and to themselves.

It’s an ambitious project–but a doable one, according to the volunteers driving the 43-acre restoration and improvement project on the east side of Beacon Hill.

The Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View have already transformed the southernmost 10 acres of Cheasty. Gone is the ivy, the garbage, the prostitution. A system of walking trails now winds through the woods; so does peace of mind.

Up next will be a first for the city: mountain bike trails in the largest part of Cheasty Greenspace, along with pedestrian paths and forest restoration.

This is a huge opportunity to design a trail system that allows multiple uses, mountain biking and hiking trails, right in the heart of a transit corridor and Southeast Seattle’s most dense and most diverse community. This innovative and holistic approach will provide safe and improved access to our natural areas, and to make sure this is done right the project is being subjected to the highest level of scrutiny.  The ongoing environmental review (SEPA) process is further deepening the stewardship commitment of the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View.


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