South Park Green Spaces


South Park Green Spaces

Consider what’s here in South Park versus what isn’t, at least not yet: the city’s only river but not a lot of easy access to it, a diverse population but scant open space, and a Superfund site where salmon, crab, and shorebirds are angling to thrive.

The South Park community recently undertook a brainstorming effort to envision a better future. What if the neighborhood had a network of parks? What if trails led to healthy shorelines? What if public spaces offered generous opportunities for outdoor recreation?

The South Park Green Space Vision Plan, completed in June 2014, identifies community priorities for improved public spaces and will guide actions and investments over the next 5 years. The result will be a dramatically transformed neighborhood.

Partner organizations: South Park Area Redevelopment Committee, South Park Neighborhood Association, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS)Duwamish River Cleanup CoalitionSea Mar Community Health Centers,Seattle Parks and Recreation

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South Park Green Space Vision Plan