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Seattle Peace Concerts

Celebrating peace and bringing music, art, and entertainment to ALL the people of Seattle

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Project Description

The Seattle Peace Concerts were founded by Don Glenn in 1981 to promote a culture of peace and reconciliation, a goal that is more important than ever in our current troubled times. As other local music festivals become increasingly expensive, this concert series has managed to remain free and open to the public, operating with no budget and staffed only by volunteers. The Seattle Peace Concerts are reminders that peace can happen anywhere because peacefulness is a state of mind.

The concerts represent an opportunity to detach from the digital world and social media, to spend time outdoors with people from the community in a beautiful park setting and enjoy music, to meet people, to talk to people, to dance and enjoy a day in celebration of the idea that peacefulness is possible. The concerts provide an opportunity for local musicians and artists to display and share their craft without corporate sponsorship or a profit-driven agenda. The whole idea is nonpolitical, and the pure motivation is to raise consciousness that peace is possible when people work together in harmony, without judgment and with respect for others.