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Project Prevent

Project Prevent is a student-led nonprofit that aims to slow the spread of COVID-19 among people experiencing homelessness with preventative kits.

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Project Description

We are a student-led nonprofit organization, with 15 members. Using supplies that are both donated and bought with donation money, we assemble preventative kits containing a paper mask and cloth mask (for double masking), a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pair of sanitary gloves, a pair of socks, two of our custom informational pamphlets (formulated from CDC guidelines), and, in half of our kits, menstrual products. We donate these kits to homeless shelters, outreach organizations, mutual aid groups, and other groups serving people experiencing homelessness, allowing these groups to handle distribution. To date, we have produced over 2,600 kits.

We have the capacity to produce 400-500 kits per week, but we require a steady stream of funding to be able to sustain this level of production. Our current goal is to produce and distribute 4,400 more kits by the end of 2021

  • Assembling kits

  • Our first donation, June 2020

  • Our kits being given out at a mutual aid event

  • One of our Ambassadors with her kits

  • Putting up a poster

How we make our kits