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A rendering of people enjoy a bike path and public space within trees and grassy spaces.

Melrose Promenade

A beautiful front porch for Capitol Hill that welcomes walkers, cyclists, skateboarders, streetcar riders, light rail passengers, and bus riders ascending from downtown

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Project Description

Melrose Promenade is a street redesign project to transform Melrose Avenue into an attractive landscaped corridor with sweeping views of the Olympics, Puget Sound, and our changing downtown skyline. Organizers envision a safe, inviting promenade with wider sidewalks, better lighting, and ample seating. The promenade would take advantage of some of the best views in Seattle and could be used for public events such as evening concerts. Fluorescent art panels could be attached along the freeway railing, casting colorful shadows along the route. Acoustic panels could help minimize noise. An existing trail could be directed farther from I-5, and a dog run could be added.

The grand vision includes three zones that reflect three distinct environments along Melrose Avenue: one abutting the commercial Pike and Pine area, another overlooking the freeway, and a third extending into an underused green space to the north. The main impetus for this project is to establish Melrose as a gateway to the neighborhood, drawing visitors and neighbors to the vitality of Capitol Hill.