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People utilize stairs up a hillside under a freeway overpass.

East Howe Steps

Extending a pedestrian route in the Eastlake neighborhood all the way to the Lake Union shoreline and creating a new public plaza

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Project Description

The East Howe Steps currently provide a pedestrian route from the top of Capitol Hill past Streissguth Gardens and Colonnade Park to Eastlake Avenue. But what if the route were extended all the way to Fairview Avenue, the Lake Union shoreline, and the Cheshiahud Loop? And what if the route itself could be a lively public gathering space? That is the vision of the Lake Union Neighborhood Council. The no-man’s-land between Eastlake and Fairview could become a public plaza serving both residents and employees in the fast-changing East Lake Union neighborhood, connecting two neighborhoods and multiple public spaces and making walking a more pleasant option.