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Arboretum Creek Headwaters Project

Maximize the diversity of life in Arboretum Creek while rekindling the love affair between Seattleites and nature

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Project Description

The Friends of Arboretum Creek are dedicated to improving the water quality, flow, and aquatic habitat of Arboretum Creek, in the Washington Park Arboretum. Our Arboretum Creek Headwaters Project will:

• Restore year-round flow in the upper portion of Arboretum Creek,
• Protect the Japanese Garden and 28th Ave E. from flooding,
• Remove multiple pollutants associated with road runoff,
• Increase capacity in the King County sewer system,
• Help native life flourish in and around Arboretum Creek and
• Make nature-in-the-city freely accessible to all King County residents.

Multiple grants from King County Waterworks and the King County Flood Control District have provided funding that will enable the complete design of this project – circa 2024.

We are working closely with key stakeholder organizations including:

• King County (Waterworks, Flood Control District, Wastewater Treatment Division)
• Seattle Parks and Recreation,
• The Arboretum Foundation,
• University of Washington Botanic Gardens,
• Seattle Department of Transportation,
• Seattle Public Utilities,
• Seattle Parks Foundation.

We appreciate all donations to support the design, construction and maintenance of our vision and its many public benefits.

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