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Three children on small push bikes adorned with streamers pose.

8th Avenue South Trail

Keeping the 8th Avenue South Trail usable and pedestrian friendly through ongoing maintenance and safety improvements

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Project Description

The 8th Avenue South Trail is a vital link for pedestrians and cyclists traveling between the two sides of the South Park neighborhood, which is bisected by the 99/509 highway. It is especially important for families on the west side to get to the neighborhood elementary school and for those on the east side to access the local branch library, community center, business district, food bank, and Sea Mar Community Health Center.

After years of neglect, the trail was overrun with weeds, trash, and graffiti. Crime and drug-related activity along the trail led many neighbors to avoid it altogether and brave the dangerous arterial crossings instead sometimes with tragic results. With support from the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps and Seattle Neighborhood Group, scores of community members have removed loads of debris from the site, cleared invasive plants, replaced topsoil, and added native plants.

Project News

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