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Seattle Parks Foundation works with volunteers, donors, and community leaders to create and sustain a system of thriving and connected public spaces that are accessible to all.

We are committed to supporting community values and character because you know best what is needed, and what is missing.  You know how to get your neighbors involved, excited, and committed.  You know what would serve the broadest constituency. And you know what would reduce crime and activate community spaces.

To enhance community self-determination, we advocate for civic policies that put residents in the driver’s seat (such as the creation of the Seattle Park District); we enlist our network of donors and philanthropic partners to fund community-driven open space projects; and we help community groups navigate public agency and funding processes. Above all, we are committed to learning from underserved communities about how we can best support their work.

We also support groups directly through fiscal sponsorship, fund management, and capital campaign management.

Who does Seattle Parks Foundation support?

Seattle Parks Foundation supports partners that:

  • Increase park access and connections between well-designed, safe, active parks and public spaces for all Seattle residents
  • Have shared, diverse, inclusive and accountable community leadership
  • Are supported by the broader community as well as relevant public agencies
  • Are supported by partners who will ensure ongoing and high-level stewardship
  • Can attract funding from community donors, public agencies and other funders and have a clear plan for achieving fundraising goals
  • Have specific goals, regular financial activity and the capacity to deliver on commitments

We are especially interested in working with partners who have demonstrated credibility and trust of community volunteers and leaders in underserved neighborhoods.

Why work with Seattle Parks Foundation?

Seattle Parks Foundation is a respected leader in Seattle parks advocacy and improvement and has been involved in nearly 100 public space enhancement projects since 2000. We are guided by a commitment to service and collaboration, dedicated to earning trust in the neighborhoods where we work, and fueled by gratitude for the city’s community leaders, volunteers, and donors.

To learn more about our community partner services, please contact Dre Avila, Program Coordinator, at (206) 332-9900 x10 or