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Seattle Placemakers Codes of Conduct

Welcome to our online platform for fiscal partners of Seattle Parks Foundation to engage in discussions, share learning, and build community through our shared work in parks, trails, community engagement, planning, restoration, and fundraising.

As with all online forums, ours will have a code of conduct that our members must follow. Most will be recognizable to anyone who has been a part of an online forum of group before. These codes have been adapted from the Anti-Oppression Network’s Safe Space Policies. Please review these codes carefully – by signing up as a member of our list serv, you are agreeing to follow these codes:

  • “Platinum Rule” : treat others the way they want to be treated
  • No Hate Speech: Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from this forum.
  • API – Assume Positive Intent: not everyone comes in with the same set of experiences and knowledge, so assume that people have good intent. Please have positive intent yourself, and be accountable for the impact of your actions and words as well.
  • Center BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Voices: Much of our shared work centers around making parks and public spaces more equitable. To be successful, we must work to achieve equity in our own spaces as well. Help to make this a safe space for our BIPOC leaders, experts, and advocates to participate in by listening with intention, exercising humility and grace (even in disagreements), and treating them like the experts that they are in their experiences around race and equity in our communities.
  • “Don’t Yuck My Yums”: people have different tastes and preferences. Avoid statements such as “I hate that” or “eww!”
  • Use “I” statements – speak from your own experiences rather than generalizing the experiences of an entire neighborhood, social group, city, etc.
  • Keep topics relevant to our shared work: while we are a diverse group of partners, we all are focused in our partnership on specific subject areas. These include (but are not limited to) parks and public spaces, Seattle city governance, fundraising and philanthropy, and community health and wellness. Use your judgement, but please refrain from straying from relevant subject areas.